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22:00:13 <Noskcaj> #topic Introduction to testdrive
22:00:25 <Noskcaj> Hello everyone, I'm Noskcaj
22:00:25 <Noskcaj> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Noskcaj
22:00:25 <Noskcaj> This is the session for testdrive
22:00:25 <Noskcaj> You may ask questions at any point... Just be sure to utilize the #ubuntu-quality channel for that.
22:00:25 <Noskcaj> Testdrive is one of the main tools for iso testing (and the easiest to use), and to a lesser extent, general desktop testing.
22:00:30 <Noskcaj> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/testdrive
22:01:04 <Noskcaj> ignore that link, it's broken, i will find the new one
22:01:46 <Noskcaj> The testdrive metapackage contains (amoung other things):
22:01:46 <Noskcaj> testdrive-cli: (the command line version of testdrive) this (i think) will only run Ubuntu, Ubuntu-server, and other iso's via a link.
22:01:46 <Noskcaj> testdrive-gtk: the gui version of testdrive, this is what i reccomend and is very simple to use.
22:01:46 <Noskcaj> virtualbox: a stub of virtualbox
22:01:47 <Noskcaj> qemu: a stub of qemu/kvm
22:02:26 <Noskcaj> I highly recommend you install the full version of either KVM or Virtualbox after the session (both available in the ubuntu repository, or there own repos)
22:02:43 <Noskcaj> By doing so you can configue much more and manually recover logs. See phillw's sessions for more info.
22:03:24 <Noskcaj> Open testdrive. It will be in the "System" category, or find it in the dash(this depends on your *buntu).
22:03:52 <Noskcaj> By default, there is a tab for ubuntu(includes ubuntu-server), kubuntu and xubuntu, both in 32- and 64-bit version
22:04:21 <Noskcaj> Click File --> Open or Ctrl+O the select the iso you have downloaded.
22:04:43 <Noskcaj> This will open any iso and follow your virtualisation settings. strangely, it will always open in qemu. i have a bug open for this.
22:04:52 <Noskcaj> Now shut out of that virtual machine.
22:05:58 <Noskcaj> Click Edit --> preferences.
22:06:32 <Noskcaj> In the "general" tab, you will see all your cache locations, move the daily iso you wish to test to it's relevant folder, or if you already have an image cache, change testdrive so that becomes it's cache folder.
22:06:32 <Noskcaj> Make sure "repository" says cdimage, not releases. and that "release" says the current series being tested. in this case either raring or precise.
22:06:33 <Noskcaj> Leave both architectures ticked.
22:07:23 <Noskcaj> Now go to the "virtualisation" tab.
22:07:52 <Noskcaj> Select a hypervisor, "parallels" seems to be broken so ignore it. if you are using the Oracle version of Vbox, contact me later for the patch.
22:08:39 <Noskcaj> Set your memory and disk sizes. i reccomend 1024mb and 6gb respectively.
22:08:39 <Noskcaj> Now in the "distributions" tab, select what distro's you wish to test. then restart testdrive.
22:09:09 <Noskcaj> Tick an iso then click sync. the iso will download using a number of sync formats if you already have an old version of the iso downloaded/in your cache.
22:09:28 <Noskcaj> When that finishes you have the option to either click launch, which creates a VM with the iso, or create usb disk, for testing or real hardware.
22:09:28 <Noskcaj> That should have covered everything, are there any other questions?
22:10:49 <Noskcaj> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive contains all the bugs for testdrive
22:11:23 <Noskcaj> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive/+bug/1098080 is the bug for (includes patch) the testdrive to Vbox 4.2 bug
22:11:23 <Meetingbot> Launchpad bug 1098080 in testdrive "Testdrive gets stuck on "configuring Virtual Machine" if Virtualbox 4.2 is installed" [Undecided,In progress]
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