Welcome to PhillW.net on the Net

The M. G. Judd Ltd. site has moved from my test area and now lives at its own domain.

The FullText tutorial has now been incorporated into the M. G. Judd Ltd. site (It was becoming a pain to keep it sysnc'd with the main site). To toggle the FullText on / off, go to the bottom of the buttons on the main site and select FullText mode - That will turn tutorial mode on / off.

Lubuntu is a low resource hungry system for lower powered computers. From before it's official adoption, I have maintained a mirror site for them since pre-adoption (See Hosted ISO's).

Ubuntu forum - a great place to get assistance on Ubuntu related issues.

I am happy to host areas, ISO's, builds, tools etc. for F/OSS teams and small businesses, please email me for details.

Hoping to see you around on the net!!