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[   ]dd_OBI-precise-mini-4GB.img.xz2015-01-01 10:46 201M 
[   ]dd_ToriOS-LubuCore-pae-OEM_precise-2016-may_7.8GB.img.xz2016-12-27 17:52 603M 
[   ]dd_ToriOS-LubuCore-pae-OEM_precise-nov_7.8GB.img.xz2016-12-27 17:53 601M 
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[   ]dd_ToriOS-LubuCore-pae-OEM_trusty-2016-may_7.8GB.img.xz2016-12-27 17:58 835M 
[   ]dd_ToriOS-pae-OEM_precise_7.8GB.img.xz2016-12-27 18:00 513M 
[   ]dd_Ubu64Lubu32-4GB.img.xz2015-01-06 21:24 1.7G 
[   ]dd_X32-Txt-Startx-Intl_2016-06-29_7.8GB.img.xz2016-06-29 21:08 295M 
[   ]dd_X32-Txt-Startx-Intl_2016-12-11_4GB.img.xz2016-12-18 17:13 367M 
[   ]dd_Xenial-32-txt.img.xz2016-04-26 17:23 283M 
[   ]dd_Xenial-32-txt_7.8GB.img.xz2016-04-26 17:23 283M 
[   ]dd_Xenial-32-txt_2016-06-28_intel_7.8GB.img.xz2016-06-28 15:34 305M 
[   ]dd_memtest-plus-5.01_33M.img.xz2016-12-27 17:55 68K 
[   ]dd_no-biggie-68MB.img.xz2016-12-27 17:55 13K 
[   ]dd_no-biggie-68MB.img.xz.md52016-12-27 17:50 59  
[   ]dd_precise-obi_4GB_29_text.img.xz2015-03-28 13:51 182M 
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1. General information

These compressed image files can be installed with
mkusb or mkusb-nox in linux, and
7-zip (uncompress) & Win32 Disk Imager (clone) in Windows

2. Lubuntu

32-bit systems:

64-bit systems:
dd_text_16.04-UEFI-n-BIOS-intel-4-pendrive-7.8GB.img.xz # UEFI and BIOS
dd_Lubuntu_16.04_oem-intel_2016-may_7.8GB_amd64.img.xz  # only BIOS

The files above can be used to install into computers with old Intel
graphics, for example series 945 and 82852/855GM, where there are problems
to install with the standard installer.

An alterntive is to use the One Button installer and the corresponding
tarball (with the corresponding system)

32-bit systems:

64-bit system:
Lubuntu_16.04_oem-intl_amd64.tar.xz  # only BIOS

These Lubuntu systems are prepared for OEM tweaking (password 123456) and
made up to date 2016-05-08 with the kernel 3.13.0-61-generic #100 i686.

The 'intel' systems are prepared by installing the package


and are recommended as the first choice.

The 'uxa' system is prepared with a configuration file for UXA acceleration
and is recommended as the second choice (only in case there are problems
with the 'intel' alternative).

Summary or tweaks in the compressed image file and tarball:

xserver-xorg-video-intel or UXA acceleration
the grub menu is shown (not hidden in a single boot system)
template in fstab to uncomment for floppy

After preparing for the end user and logging in as end user, you should
install language support - via the menu option - in order to make it
complete. Then the keyboard will also be the correct one, if you use a
non-default language (in other words different from US English).

3. ToriOS

Observe that some ToriOS images were made before or during 2015, and
they are in the beta stage (still developing). ToriOS is worthwhile
testing in old and middle-aged computers, installed to an internal drive
or a USB pendrive.

The ToriOS images marked with '2016' are updated/dist-upgraded, more
up-to-date, and quite useful in old computers, even if ToriOS was still
not released (in May 2, 2016).

4. Memtest

memtest86+-5.01 from

was extracted to a USB pendrive in Windows and this system was
cloned to the compressed image file


which can be extracted in linux by mkusb and dus.